Dental Implants Cost

Are you looking to replace missing teeth with dental implants? If so, you probably have some questions regarding how much it will run you.

At Smith Custom Dentistry, dental implants involve individualized treatment plans, and the price will vary from patient to patient.

Learn more about what Dr. Brock Smith in Charleston, SC, can do for your smile with dental implants — and how it impacts the total cost.

Why Patients Choose Us for Dental Implants and More

Here’s why so many patients throughout Charleston, SC, and beyond turn to our practice for dental implants:

Expertise in Prosthodontics

Our dentist, Dr. Smith, finished his residency in Advanced Prosthodontics at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He was an Assistant Professor at the Medical University of South Carolina, meaning he was the lecturer that prospective dentists trusted to teach them about prosthodontics.

Network of Surgical Specialists

During dental implant surgery, Dr. Smith works alongside other surgical specialists — an oral surgeon and a periodontist — to ensure the best results. With our practice, you can feel confident you're investing in a multi-disciplinary team dedicated to you.

Does Insurance Cover Dental Implants Cost?

Dental insurance providers do not cover the costs associated with implant dentistry, meaning the implants themselves, abutments, and surgical procedures are paid for out-of-pocket. However, implant-supported restorations may be covered the same as traditional crowns, bridges, or dentures.

The team at our dental office in Charleston, SC, can discuss your insurance plan with you and help get the most out of the benefits available to you.

Dental implant crown and abutment

Are Dental Implants Worth It? Yes — and Here’s Why

When considering the costs associated with dental implant placement, you might be wondering if the restorative procedure is even worth it. We’re here to help educate patients on why the answer is a resounding yes — and develop a customized treatment plan that returns health, comfort, and function back to their smile.

Here's what makes implants worth the investment:

  • Missing natural tooth roots results in jawbone atrophy.
  • Remaining teeth near your missing tooth will eventually shift.
  • A weakened jawbone can cause substantial changes to the shape of your face.
  • Implants are the only treatment that guards against these effects.
  • Although they have a higher initial cost compared to other tooth replacement options, implants can save you money over the long term by preventing future dental issues.

What Patients Are Saying About Our Charleston, SC, Practice


Eugene Ancrum


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The service was excellent and the staff was very friendly and helpful

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Bettina Wilson


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Dr. Smith and his staff are the best!...they went the extra mile to always be courteous, professional, and meticulous about getting the job done correctly.

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Dr. Brock Smith

Smith Custom Dentistry

Smith Custom Dentistry is a warm and inviting practice equipped with the latest dental technology. Our entire Charleston, SC, staff makes the needs and comfort of every patient their priority to ensure top-quality care. Dr. Brock Smith is a dentist who has undergone additional training to become a prosthodontist, allowing him to provide multiple treatment options to meet virtually any dental need. He is affiliated with:

  • The American Dental Association
  • The American College of Prosthodontics
  • South Carolina Dental Association

Contact our practice by calling (843) 571-6371 to request a consultation, or reach out to us online. We look forward to hearing from you.

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