Dental Implants in Mount Pleasant

Dental implants are an advanced form of tooth replacement designed to replace missing teeth with results that function like natural teeth and beautifully enhance smile aesthetics. Implant-supported dental restorations look and feel like natural teeth.

Implants are a great solution for patients who are missing one or more tooth, and want a beautiful, healthy smile. Dental Implants can also serve as an excellent replacement for traditional dentures.

Mount Pleasant Dental Implants
Mount Pleasant Dental Implants
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Did you know?

There is no need to feel embarrassed about missing teeth. The Average adult has lost 7 teeth by age 64. You’re not alone!

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Benefits of Implant-Supported Restorations

One benefit of the “teeth in a day” or “all-on-4” procedures, is that the patient is able to leave the implant surgery with temporary teeth fixed to the implants. In this sense, they do have “teeth in a day”, but the commercial on tv doesn’t tell you there is a healing period wearing these temporary teeth. Months later, a few appointments are needed to make the final teeth with nicer, more durable materials. At SCD, we specialize in this procedure and provide the highest level of care through the healing period, all the way to the top-shelf final prosthesis (something you may not find at the corporate dental office).

Additional benefits include:

Surgical Procedure

Lots of patients are apprehensive about dental implants because of the pain factor. Most patients are pleasantly surprised after the procedure, to find out “it wasn’t that bad.” This animation shows what actually happens during the surgical placement of the implant, which is a sterile, medical-grade titanium fixture. After the implant is placed in its ideal position in the bone, the gums heal over top, and we wait for the healing process to occur within the bone. During this time, the implant “osseointegrates” or fuses to the jawbone. This takes 2-3 months to occur in the lower jaw, and at least 4months in the upper jaw. Unless we are using multiple implants to replace a full arch of teeth (upper or lower), we usually dont use the implants to support teeth during the healing phase. When the implants have osseointegrated, we take a simple impression and finish the implant restorations.

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