Dr. Smith is able to manage a broad range of dental issues – from single tooth restorations to complex reconstructions. By working together with other dental specialists and premium dental laboratories, Dr. Smith can offer patients beautiful and natural-looking fixed, removable, and implant restorations.


Joe started his treatment with some front teeth already missing, and wanted to address all his dental concerns at once. By using dental implants to replace missing teeth and non-restorable teeth, we finished Joe’s treatment with upper and lower implant bridges, in addition to restoring all his natural teeth to full health.


“I would like to personally thank you for a job well done. As you know, I was extremely apprehensive of dentists and pain. You acknowledged my fear and assured me that, throughout my treatment, I could expect only minor pain. The problems I had with periodontal disease, bone loss, and loose teeth were quite extensive and required a lot of planning for the reconstruction of my teeth and bite. You always put me at ease and explained every detail prior to each procedure, which I appreciated. You were very accommodating regarding my appointment times, knowing I had to travel over 250 miles one way for your services. As a result of all the time and attention to detail, and your dedication to me as your patient, I now have a healthy mouth and beautiful teeth to eat and chew with again. Again, thank you for a job well done. “
Regards, Joe


Gilda had pretty serious, and surprisingly common, periodontal (gum and bone health) issues when we first met. Her periodontal condition has gone untreated for some time, causing significant bone loss around all her teeth. This had started to affect her everyday life – she was having pain, trouble eating, and did not like to go out in public anymore. For her, complete dentures were a great option to get back her healthy, happy self.


“Dr. Smith makes you feel very much at ease and like you are his most important patient – I actually looked forward to our visits. He took great care to make the experience as painless as possible. He took me through all the steps and informed of what to expect. He did an excellent job, and I am very satisfied with the finished product. People who have known me all my life cannot tell that I am wearing dentures! The restoration of my original smile has given me back my confidence and helps me to make a good impression when I interact with others. I would recommend Dr. Brock Smith to anyone needing dentures, and I am confident that he would give them the satisfaction and the smile that they are looking for!”
– Gilda


Dan is like lots of my patients…a great parent at his own expense. Braces for both kids, while he couldn’t eat. His treatment consisted of bone grafting with implants to replace missing teeth, and a full-mouth restoration to redesign his bite and esthetics. Dan was thrilled to feel whole again!


“As an older adult as I begin to lose the rest of my lower permanent teeth. My search led me to Dr. Brock Smith who was able to assess my long-standing situation. After sharing with me my options, we decided on a permanent fixed plate with six implants holding the one solid fixed plate. He managed to fit them to my upper teeth, the way my permanent teeth should have fit, but never did. Now I have teeth that actually work the way God intended. Now I have teeth I can bite and chew with. Even my face looks more natural. Finding Dr. Smith was the best thing that has ever happened to me. I have more confidence when speaking to others and eating out. I wish I would have had this opportunity 50 years ago.”
Thank you Dr. Smith, and God bless, Rich


Randy showed up with lots of worn down teeth, and he was ready to do something about it. This treatment was a full-mouth rehabilitation, with lots of details to pay attention to. We used crowns and bridges to restore all his natural teeth, and a healthy bite. Randy also chose to have implants where he was missing some back teeth. This was a life-changing treatment for Randy, and he is still doing great with everything several years later!


“Dr. Smith is very caring, polite, and professional. I had a full mouth restoration and he gave me back something that had been missing for years, MY SMILE. The compliments on my teeth just keep coming. I would not hesitate or think twice about recommending Dr. Smith to anyone.”

– Randy


Juli originally came to discuss rejuvenating her smile. Then she disappeared for several months…and the next time I saw her, she had broken a front tooth in such a way that it couldn’t be saved. We decided to replace this tooth with a single implant, and at the same time, give her the smile she has always wanted


“I came to Dr. Smith after an accident that caused damage to my front teeth. I found out one of them had a fracture in the root, and I needed my front tooth removed! I was really nervous! After a detailed exam, we decided on a plan to replace my front tooth with an implant, and a smile makeover to give me a brighter, prettier smile. I am so happy with the results and the care I received from this gifted young dentist!”

– Juli



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